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All you need to play Office Golf is a common putter (golf
club, golf balls and 9 or 18 special holes). The rules are similar to normal golf. The ball is only allowed to touch the club, the floor and, eventually, the hole. It is played in corridors and staircases, where the ball has to be manoeuvred around obstacles such as office chairs, waste baskets, tables or cupboards.
If the ball touches an object, a barrier or a wall, the player gets a penalty stroke.

The player with the least amount of strokes wins the match.

The basic rules are printed on the scorecard.
Scorecards can be designed individually, so that every event gets a personal touch

Before a game or a tournament starts, all participants have enough time for rehearsal.
During the rehearsal period, extra holes are placed and the tournament manager or other players demonstrate how to hold a putter or to play a stroke.

So even before the game starts, you get the chance to establish business and even social contacts.

Before the game starts, people are registered and receive name tags and the tournament manager forms fixed or free teams.
Fixed teams are preferable when playing company tournaments. Team A plays against team B, company X against company Y, or the accounting against the marketing division.
Every team - called Flight – consists of a maximum of 5 players and one team leader (Flight Commander).
The Flight Commander is responsible for recording his team member’s strokes on the scorecard.
When a game is finished, those score cards are handed over to the tournament manager, who checks the results and announces the winning team.

In case of draw, a play-off game will determine the winner.

All winners receive a prize. A good way of keeping good memories could be an engraved trophy: "
1st compay office golf tournament 2008!” or something similar. Prizes are often provided by the event sponsors.

If you want to play several tournaments in a row, players from the first tournament can also participate in the second one. However, they cannot receive a price again.
When the series is finished
, a final tournament is played, in which all winners are playing against each other. A very special event.

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