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Why office golf?

Office Golf is one of the more practical golf types and can be played
by everyone without the need for special skills or great effort. The communication between players and visitors is in the focal point of this special kind of event.

Playing golf on your own is a well-known experience, whereas sharing this joy with colleagues, business partners and strangers is a rather new adventure. However, it is not a very popular sport in Germany or Europe yet and mostly played behind closed doors.

But besides simply playing a game, Office Golf has a lot more to offer:

  • Establish and maintain customer relationships
  • A work party of a special kind
  • After a product or customer presentation
  • Tournaments as a way to remunerate and motivate your staff
  • To overcome a negative work atmosphere
  • On trade fairs: An eye-catcher and a special event at the booth
  • Shopping malls attract more customers.
  • Car dealerships benefit from additional showroom traffic
  • During a job interview– assessment of group and play behaviour